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Eva Westphal releases pop track 'Things Don't Fit'

Empowering and a role model for the next generation, Eva Westphal’s journey hasn’t been all roses and rainbows. Detailing the importance of growth, ‘Things Don’t Fit’ feels like a coming of age anthem that would sit perfectly in an episode of your favourite feel-good programme where the protagonist’s story finally ends right. Inspired by the remarkable ‘Evermore’ by Taylor Swift, the acoustic pop number is certainly chart-worthy and comes across as innovative yet nostalgic to yesteryears.

Speaking about the iconic new release, Eva shares, “Things Don't Fit is about growing out of your old self -- physical and mental. Inspired by an accidental ripping of an old prom dress, the song details my gratitude for how far I've come in my eating disorder recovery, which led me to become the proud, independent, musical, loud, driven 21 year old I am today. I hope that this song inspires other people to love themselves and their growth, too.”



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