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Eve Gallagher Presents New Single 'Take My Hand'

Eve Gallagher is a well-traveled musical artist. Having co-written 90’s club hits ‘Love Come Down’, and ‘You Can Have It All’ with Boy George, she is classed as one of the best live performers around according to Billboard Magazine. She has left a lasting impression in the USA following a 22-state highly acclaimed tour there with her band.

She returns with her brand-new single ‘Take My Hand’ a compassionate anthem that will have an immediate effect on the listener. Everything on display, the music, the lyrics, the whole emotional ride, will all be embraced by those who listen.

The production consists of Eve Gallagher’s vocals, Patrick Murdoch (Mick Hucknall) on guitar, Roman Roth (Simply Red) on drums, Ondrej Pivec (Gregory Porter) on keyboards and organ, and Uli Heinzler on bass. These all combine to create the soul and blues with a sprinkle of gospel.

Eve Gallagher wrote the lyrics whilst her longtime friend Uli Heinzler composed and produced all of the songs on the forthcoming album. ‘Take My Hand’ was written as a tribute to all the lost souls in the world. She thinks that regardless of where, what, or who you are, everyone may extend a helping hand in compassion.

Eve Gallagher comments on the track, “I wrote the ballad ‘Take My Hand’ for all of the lost souls in our world: the stateless, the homeless, the desperate, for those who live in sadness and feel hopelessness. Anyone can reach out their hand in kindness; no matter where, what, or who you are.”

She is currently working on her forthcoming album, alongside Uli Heinzler, which has seen songs like ‘Lovin’ You Again’, ‘High On Life’, ‘Everybody Knows’, and ‘Higher and Higher’, featuring accomplished musicians Patrick Murdoch, Roman Roth, and Ondrej Pivec. Adrian Hall is mixing and mastering the entire project.

Eve Gallagher is excited about this release, showcasing her natural ability and personal development in the music business. Her music collection showcases her creative and affectionate attitude, and her unparalleled talent enables her to move fluidly between many genres.


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