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Ex Habit's questions who his lover wants in new track 'Who Do You Want'

Ex Habit is certainly making a habit out of something, and that seems to be releasing infectious songs that make you want to listen ten times over. Who Do You Want is a sultry little helping of electronic r&b that doesn’t hold back with punchy lyrics that don’t dance too much around the point - as the song is enough to get you dancing.

Standout lyrics in the chorus include: ‘Who do you want/ I lied/ I’m wrong/ I’m high/ Who do you want babe/ You fight/ You hope/ You hide/ Who do you want babe’.

Ex Habit says about the track: “The song tells a story of a toxic relationship that has fallen apart. Once loving and warm, it has turned bitter and hurtful, yet both people are so attached to each other and each other’s bodies that they keep getting back together. There is a clear painting of him as the villain in both of their tragic stories.”

With influences from The Weeknd, Rosenfeld, and Billie Eilish, this track is definitely one to stick on your playlists.


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