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  • Paul Riley

Exciting Rap/R&B Newcomer Chi Shares New Single "Demons"

Rising star Chi is the latest artist out of the bubbling Canadian music scene, and he’s made an impressive return with new single “Demons”. Although a newcomer in the industry, the 20-year-old, Vancouver-based artist has already showcased his huge talent on previous successes “19” and “Gemini”, which drew attention online, and he looks set to accelerate his rise with this latest release.

Having been interested in music since elementary school, where he sang in his first talent show, Chi showcases his full repertoire of talents on “Demons”, with the track highlighting his smooth cadence, strong lyricism and sharp storytelling abilities. Combining his powerful lyrics with contrasting dreamy and hard-hitting 808s, “Demons” makes for a fascinating listen. The candid track refers to a period of time when Chi was homeless. “Sometimes I think about the past / Cold nights with frozen hands”, he reveals on the track. Chi’s story of overcoming and perseverance only adds further to his relatability and appeal.

Speaking more on the release, Chi says, “‘Demons’ was one of the many songs I made during a trip I took to make new music. After a few long nights of partying and making music, I was feeling very empty and thinking about how my life used to be, comparing and contrasting it to now and contemplating if the things that I’d always wanted were worth the price I would have to pay. That’s what inspired me to make this song.”

A force to be reckoned with and artistically at the top of his game, it’s clear from “Demons” that Chi is one to watch out for and is surely about to make some huge noise over the next year. And with more singles cued up for release and an EP expected before the end of 2021, he’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

“Demons” is out now on all platforms:

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