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EZYBLK drops addictive "Roll By"

There seems to be a new wave rap and grime scene happening right now, and UK newcomer EZYBLK is right at the forefront. Having only released his debut single '1000 Ways' last month, his unique blend of Congolese and British rap has caught the attention of many already. He didn't want to waste any time, and has instantly released his sophomore single 'Roll By' . A clever move by the rapper, as his fun-filled beats alongside his direct lyricism result on a hugely potent offering that is hard to ignore.

You can imagine the anthem being played in clubs around the world once normality resumes, and being an instant hit. There are commercial elements involved in the production which provides the perfect platform for EZYBLK to show his style and flair. He portrays a natural flow of rhymes and most of all, feeling. You can feel his energy and desire in this explosive track, and will surely be the soundtrack to a lot of people's Summers in 2021.

Speaking on the making behind 'Roll By', EZYBLK explains:

"Roll By was one of the first songs we made. I had an instant connection with the producers and we just made a vibe. We had a session and decided to make something from scratch. I wanted to incorporate the “Jiggy Jiggy” melodic bit, so we put down some drums and bass and just went from there. Nothing was planned, I didn’t have any lyrics before we started making the beat. So, when we were discussing which song was gonna be my first official single it was only right that it’d be ‘Roll By’. It was the beginning of our journey and the song that really set the standard for our work moving forward.”


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