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FALL or FLIGHT add some magic to Madison Olds’ track ‘Best Part of Me’, for an eclectic EP

FALL or FLIGHT’s latest release has really got heads turning, being added to various Spotify editorial playlists and creating some impressive hype around the track ‘Best Part of Me’, originally released by Canadian artist Madison Olds. Adding their own unique spin to the single, the Florida based anonymous group have cooked up 4 glistening remixes. Taking the listener on a journey, each of the records contain infectious beats and spirited pop/electronic melodies.

Accompanied by a 15 minute long form visual, FALL or FLIGHT’s quirky aesthetic and branding is both eye catching and unique, making their cinematic visual debut a real feast for the senses.

Since beginning their musical journey back in 2020, the outfit have shared some epic offerings since, and if their new EP is anything to go by, their next release is one to keep an eye out for.



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