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ferna re-releases heartwarming single “Wasting”

Hailing from the North Coast of Ireland, ferna’s sound pays homage to her roots. Whilst contemporary influences can be found in her music, there’s a certain tranquility that can also be found within, which represents the countryside of her home. She’s performed alongside Foy Vance, SOAK and The Gloaming (to name a few) which has allowed her to develop her live show even further.

Her latest single “Wasting” is a heartwarming offering. Instrumentally, the track features a colourful melting pot of swirling melodies that ebbs and flows between each other. On top, vocals come drenched in pop-sensibilities and work hand in glove with well-penned lyrics.

ferna explains: “I think we can all feel a tension between who we feel we are inside and what we feel is acceptable to present on the outside. It can obviously be risky to show the real you, but damage is also done when we hide ourselves away over a sustained period of time. So the song’s really chewing that conundrum over, and asking the question - which is the worse fate?”

With a growing fanbase and a fantastic sound, ferna is sure to reach the top.



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