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[FIRST LISTEN] Binoy - ‘Silver Lake’

Binoy, an LA-based electro-pop artist, has released his new single “Silver Lake”, after the warm reception to his most recent track “Cruel Intentions”.

Originally hailing from Kenya, and having attended university in London, Binoy embarked on his musical journey back in 2017 with debut single “Dope”. Having since released a long stream of infectious pop anthems, Binoy is making his own spin on modern pop music and pushing genre boundaries along the way.

“Silver Lake” boasts a delicate and dreamlike soundscape, the ethereal synths send the listener drifting away to another realm entirely. Slowing things down from his last release and infusing it with a sense of youthful abandon, Binoy displays the extent of his song writing skill within this perfect pop ballad.

Binoy on the writing process behind “Silver Lake”:

“I usually take a while, maybe two or three weeks, to fully write a song. “Silver Lake” was different in that I wrote the whole song in one sitting without ever getting up from the piano.”

New single “Silver Lake” by Binoy if available on all streaming platforms today!

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