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Flechettes drop new single 'Chasing Youth'

Four-piece rock band Flechettes release their uplifting new offering ‘Chasing Youth’, providing blazing guitar riffs and catchy indie-style vocals, making for a seriously dynamic record. Each member contributes their own creative flair, adding to the Flechettes trademark sound. With their gritty northern tone shining through their vocals, Flechettes’ style is effortlessly authentic and their lyrics strikingly relatable.

Discussing their new single, the band’s frontman Jack explains: “This song was inspired by a situation which pushed me to choose between feeling sorry for myself, or having a laugh while I could. It's a song about realising that while things seemed difficult, I was lucky to have the friends I have, even though lyrically it doesn't present itself this way. I think the opening line ‘ever noticed how fast time goes when you're in love with life’ sums it up perfectly. It's about confronting, none of us are here forever and to enjoy every moment whilst you still can, especially whilst we're still somewhat young, which I reiterated in the chorus with the lines ‘we've not got long, so get a move on’. In summary, it's designed to pick people up and get them singing along, and hopefully, with some luck that's what they'll want to do.”

Hailing from Wigan UK, and forming in 2019, Flechettes quickly took to writing and performing their own material, booking shows all around the North and consistently striving to gain a wider audience for their music. Playing over 20 shows since forming, the band hope to burst back onto the live scene once it is safe to return. Flechettes are comprised of Jack, Johnny, Nicky and Will, with each member writing songs in rotation, to always maintain fresh inspiration and sounds. Variety and versatility runs through the veins of Flechettes’ ethos, and their stand-out style is one to watch out for.


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