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Fleeting Persuasion release heavenly single 'Night Arrives'

Most people took lockdown off, however, James Spencer Harrison found that too hard and decided to write a few tracks under a new moniker. A keen live performer, it's clear that his pre-covid gigging has helped with this release.

'Night Arrives' is a heavenly wall of noise that different melodies within the track ebb and flow between each other. The track is a colourful melting pot of different instruments, all glued together by well-penned and heart-warming vocals. The precision elements establish a beat that is infectious and gets the listener grooving.

Speaking to us about the release he says: “Knowing what the overall vibe will be is such a crucial thing for me early in the writing phase, so using a dodgy recording app I started playing around with beats and keys for around a dozen new songs.

"I rang Josh Whitehead at Crosstown Studios and sent him the demos and he said I was crazy for starting a new project," Harrison laughs. "But he also said he had some experience in synths and beats so together we decided to work on one song at a time."

Single number three is 'Night Arrives' (which premiered with Forte), a song that states its case with a slow and momentous drum beat, bathed in reverb. Singer Danielle Loughnan takes the lead on this song, her warm and resonant voice the perfect sonic vessel for Harrison's lyrics. As he explains, initial recordings of him singing the song weren't quite landing as he wanted. "I listened back at home and didn't feel like it had quite the right impact so I had the idea to get my friend Danielle, who has sung backup vocals on several past songs to sing the amazing, subtle and powerful lead on this one; with myself on backup vocals."

With the quality of music he is releasing, we cannot wait to see his career go from strength to strength.

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