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Fleetwood Kelly unleashes his luscious brand of cinematic pop in 'like you' and debut record 'just happy to be here'

LA based artist Fleetwood Kelly crafts pop-woven gems that go from being catchy and infectious, to brooding and introspective all at once. His long awaited debut album 'just happy to be here' is released today, and showcases an artist who has really stepped up to the plate, with a refreshing and organic brand of pop oriented tracks that simply stick.

At the core of 'just happy to be here' lies a narrative of self-discovery and resilience, with each track serving as a chapter in Kelly's story. Through heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies, Kelly invites listeners to explore themes of love, loss, and acceptance, offering a glimpse into his own journey as a queer individual navigating life's highs and lows.

Lead single 'like you' is a cathartic expression of frustration and longing, born from Kelly's personal experiences with love and loss. It's an intoxicating and 80s inspired sunshine piece of modern pop that possesses an irresistible chorus line and melodic hooks at every turn. His unique and candid lyricism immediately offers listeners a glimpse into his emotional journey as an artist to relate to and invest in, and this is prevalent across the record.

““like you” is one of my favourite tracks on the album — not just because it’s incredibly fun to perform live, but also because it was the first time I allowed myself to be angry in my music. I wrote it about an ex who was more interested in his public appearance than building a lasting relationship.

Fleetwood Kelly's melting pot of sounds branching from Americana to country, represents a truly joyous debut record to wrap your ears around today. It is a testament to the transformative power of art and the joy of simply being here, and 'just happy to be here' does exactly that and much, much more.

Stream 'just happy to be here' in full here:


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