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FLEX FINDS - 1st September 2023

IQ - ‘Miss Tight Hole’

Having already made a strong name for himself with a string of vibrant offerings these last few years, fast-rising artist IQ returns once again to deliver this smooth and passionate slice of dancehall-inspired gold.

Mr.Reaper - ‘Options’ ft. Wiz Khalifa

As two of the most renowned names in modern hip-hop this last decade, Mr.Reaper and Wiz Khalifa now join forces on this bold and bouncing new anthem.

OLSO - ‘The Same’

After cementing himself with a rousing run of releases in recent months, Utah-based producer OLSO returns to the fold once again to unveil his latest bright and glittering dancefloor-ready belter.

Ruth Brosnan - ‘Good Life’

Having already found huge success in the states, soundtracking the likes of Love Island USA and Temptation Island, Irish artist Ruth Brosnan is bringing the wider world a taste of her vibrant pop aesthetic here.

Noah Solt - ‘Spheres’

After spending much of the last few years developing his sound, singer-songwriter Noah Solt is now introducing himself with his sweet and tender debut single.

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