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FLEX FINDS - 22nd October 2021

Velvet Two Stripes – ‘This House Is Built On Sand’

After delivering a batch of bold and enticing offerings this past year, Swiss trio Velvet Two Stripes have now unveiled their latest album ‘Sugar Honey Iced Tea’, alongside this vibrant new single.

Pisceze – ‘Play It Back’

With a diverse and eclectic list of influences to her name, Toronto-based Pisceze has now dropped this smooth and breezy slice of RnB gold.

Stove God Cooks – ‘That’s The Game’

After gathering an enormous following thanks to his debut project ‘Reasonable Drought’, Syracuse rapper Stove God Cooks drops another bold and blistering hip-hop stomper.

Sabbir Nasir – ‘Drowning’

Having made a name for himself amongst the soulful folk scene, Bangladeshi musician and poet Sabbir Nasir is now exploring a more diverse sound on his latest uplifting single.

Dogtaniuan – ‘We Don’t Care Though’

With a rich and adventurous approach to production, emerging artist Dogtaniuan has now delivered an eclectic mix of dancehall and reggaeton vibes.

REUNIØN – ‘Never Breaking Up’

Known for their beautifully rich and uplifting soundscapes this past year, fast-rising duo REUNIØN are back to those captivating ways with this soaring new effort.

Sapling – ‘My Body’

Having built up a reputation within the folk and indie scenes in recent times, emerging artist Sapling has turned her attention to an alt-pop aesthetic for this empowering new single.

Chris Grey – ‘Seamless’

Having turned out a vibrant array of offerings these last few months, emerging singer and songwriter Chris Grey is back to his sweeping ways on this euphoric new stunner.


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