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FLEX FINDS - 25th August 2023

Sasha Dawe - ‘Baby Blue’

With a sound that looks to blend the sweeping aesthetics of The Whitest Boy Alive and Jeff Tweedy, emerging singer-songwriter Sasha Dawe looks to carry us away with this dreamy acoustic-led swoon.

Anastave - ‘Every Night’

With her hotly-tipped new album ‘I Don’t Want You In The Light’ set to drop at the end of the month, fast-rising artist Anastave continues her expressive nature on this beautifully warm and endearing alt-pop stunner.

Grace Amulet - ‘Into The Dark’

After breaking through with her captivating debut single ‘Hades’ in recent months, LA-based newcomer Grace Amulet is back to her vibrant ways once again as she delivers this immersive alt-pop delight.

Audrie Powell - ‘Levi Jeans’

Having already cemented herself as one of the more compelling names on the rise right now, emerging artist Audrie Powell now focuses on a country-inspired vibe for her latest heartfelt serenade.

Subway Rat - ‘Rendezvous’

Following on from the stellar response to his much-loved debut LP ‘Stand Clear Of The Closing Doors’ in recent months, New York’s Subway Rat is showcasing his newest collection with this emotive indie-rock groove.



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