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FLEX FINDS - 3rd June 2022

WRYT – ‘Charlatan’

After breaking out with his stunning singles ‘Risk & Fear’ and ‘Fierce’ earlier this year, alternative artist WRYT is back once again with another raw and powerful new offering.

Killiope – ‘Cinnamon’

After finding huge success with his previous project Layneybaby, the LA-based artist Killiope now reintroduces himself with this bold and driven slice of indie-rock gold.

Claudia Bouvette – ‘Solo Night’

Having just released her breath-taking new album ‘The Paradise Club’, fast-rising artist Claudia Bouvette is now looking to showcase her latest release with this breezy alt-pop groove.

Natali Noor – ‘Policeman’

With a bold and impressive reputation as a songwriter and producer in recent years, Swedish-Iranian artist Natali Noor bursts back on the scene with fresh and upbeat new belter.

Ariana Fig – ‘Guilty Pleasure’

After finding huge success with a flurry of rich and enticing singles over the last few months, Canadian artist Ariana Fig is back to sweep us away on this sweet and sweeping dream-pop gem.

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