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FLEX FINDS - 5th March 2021

Loudan – ‘Falling’ ft. FARE

With a flair for all things fun and uplifting, emerging producer Loudan now teams up with FARE for this fresh and upbeat disco-inspired jam.

Tizane – ‘Cherry’

Having just released her brilliant debut album ‘Cherry’ last month, 19-year-old pop sensation Tizane looks to showcase her latest full-length with the record’s blistering title-track.

Chris Wesson – ‘Where Are You’

With a bold and driven passion to create broad and uplifting indie-rock delights, Milton-based singer and songwriter Chris Wesson now returns with his latest energetic belter.

KEVV – ‘Don’t Slow Down’

Following on from the success of his recent single ‘Max Out’ and debut album ‘Connect’ in recent months, fast-rising artist KEVV returns to deliver his latest laid-back RnB swoon.

Marsela – ‘Dark Days’

As an artist known for injecting a huge amount of passion and soul into everything she does, emerging singer and songwriter Marsela is back with her latest slice of RnB-inspired gold.

Ishi – ‘Louie Rankin’

Always one looking to create a broad and vivid approach to the dancehall sound, fast-rising artist Ishi pays homage to the late Louie Rankin with this blistering reggae-inspired stomper.

Appolonie – ‘Stranger’

With a reputation for bringing together the diverse sounds of RnB, jazz, and neo-soul to her work, Anglo-French artist Appolonie brings back more of that dreamy aesthetic on her latest groove.



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