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FLEX FINDS - 5th November 2021

Holt – ‘The Riverbed’

After delivering a wealth of rich and atmospheric offerings of late, London-based artist Holt has now unveiled her stunning new EP ‘Mirror Through You’, showcased by this outstanding lead single.

Kan Wakan – ‘No Sweat Off My Back’

With his highly-anticipated new album ‘Phantasmagoria Vol.2’ expected to land on the 10th November, progressive artist Kan Wakan showcases his new collection with this sweeping delight.

Alexa Van – ‘Space’

After an eclectic array of offerings over the last few years, LA-based artist Alexa Van returns to her vibrant ways on this fresh and exciting new release.

Iceberg Black – ‘Spaceships And Hoodbitches’

With hundreds of thousands of streams already coming in for his work of late, fast-rising rapper Iceberg Black brings back more of that killer flow on this pulsing new effort.

Sarita Lozano – ‘Purge’

Having impressed so many with her stellar run of blistering singles over the last few months, English-Spanish artist Sarita Lozano returns to deliver a bold and thought-provoking new jam.

Zoka The Author – ‘Net Like Kobe’

With an enormous amount of buzz arriving for his previously released singles recently, British hip-hop newcomer Zoka The Author is looking to build on that impressive run with this blistering new stunner.

Kūmorebi – ‘Trouble On A Saturday Night’

Having recently released their brilliant debut EP ‘Asking For Some Time’, Indonesian indie-rock outfit Kūmorebi showcase their newest collection with this stunning new release.



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