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FLEX FINDS - 7th April 2023

HENRIKES - ‘Out Of The Blue’

Following on from the enormous success of her recent singles ‘Night Train’ and ‘Somebody Stole The Sun’ in recent months, Swedish artist HENRIKES now showcases her latest EP with this glittering electro-pop delight.

Sú North - ‘Yellow’

After a rousing run of form throughout these last few years, emerging artist Sú North brings back more of his distinctive direction with this mesmerising hip-hop-inspired gem.

Billie Bottle's Temple of Shibboleth - ‘In The Temple’

After spending the last few years building and developing their sound, emerging outfit Billie Bottle's Temple of Shibboleth now look to bring their distinctive sound to the wider world with their self-titled debut album, featuring this shimmering title-track.

Infinite Eights - ‘Melody’

Following up the enormous praise for their recent single ‘Insecure’, Floridian outfit Infinite Eights are back on the grind once again as they deliver this rich and summery indie-pop stunner.

Don & The Dreamers - ‘My Baby Left Me’

Having already cemented themselves with a wave of rich and enticing gems these last few months, Don & The Dreamers now release their long-awaited debut album ‘It’s Never Too Late To Be A Rockstar’, featuring this toe-tapping new delight.

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