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FLEX FINDS - 9th June 2023

The Heroic Enthusiasts - ‘It’s A Sin’

With an already impressive catalogue of gems under their belt these last few years, emerging duo The Heroic Enthusiasts are back once again to deliver their take on this classic Pet Shop Boys anthem.

Mineral King - 'Variations'

After recently cementing themselves with their breakthrough singles ‘Window Pane’ and ‘In The Morningtime’, fast-rising outfit Mineral King recently delivered their eagerly-awaited new EP ‘Variations’, featuring this breezy title-track.

Samuel Oscar - ‘Wish You Were Here’

Having already racked up tens of millions of streams for his vibrant output these last few years, UK-based Thai artist Samuel Oscar now looks to continue his upward ascent on this sweeping new single.

Isla-Maria - ‘No Doubt’

After introducing herself with her stunning initial offerings ‘I Woke Up To This Song’ and ‘Questions’ in recent months, emerging artist Isla-Maria is back to her vibrant best once again on this tender R&B-inspired groove.

Don Mai - ‘Take You Anywhere’

After capturing the attention of many with a string of compelling cuts these last few months, fast-rising artist Don Mai is looking to continue his winning streak with this bright and emotive pop delight.


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