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Floral Image release hazy double A-side ‘Chance/Feel Around You’

Norwich based psychedelia up-and-comers Floral Image are bringing a fresh perspective on the sounds of the early 70s and mid-90s with support from BBC Introducing and other tastemakers. A sellout tour of the UK and Europe, a debut EP and a honing in of their sound, 2023 has been a big year for the band, set to continue into 2024.

Double A-Side ‘Chance/Feel Around You’ is the latest project from the five-piece, with their nostalgia fuelled spirals looking ahead to the next era of music once again. Fuzzy instrumentation is processed into infectious and swirling melodies and an eclectic soundscape that you can find something new in with each listen. Gritty riffs, hazy vocals and driving rhythm section make these singles some of the band’s best to date.

The band share, “Being the sort of lads prone to long, spiralling, mesmeric sounds we approached Chance fresh as a five piece band with an opportunity to layer an ever-changing scope of melodious synchronicity over the top of a continuous and unrelenting rhythmic pound. The one repeating mantra of ‘Chance’ was the only lyrical choice to stay from its earliest incarnations as a roving and motorik piece. It’s only our undying love of the popular music format that made us think it to be necessary to plop some verses in there to tie it all together.

The song Feel Around You came from more lonesome origins in a solo demoing session where Jack was testing out his recently purchased 1970s Japanese bass. Jack alone in his cold box room on a wintery evening in his dressing gown, tipping the scales in favour of riff action as opposed to vocal content.”


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