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Folk Duo Toby & Pip Release New Love Song 'New Year'

Toby & Pip’s fairytale romance has enabled them to write folk-pop ballads fuelled with pure emotion and love, New Year is their latest offering and relays their wholesome love story’s roots.

Musically New Year is a trademark blend of folk inspired elements, acoustic guitars and light percussion that weaves in and out throughout the melody. The centerpiece of this song however are the lyrics and the story they tell. With both singers possessing a calming quality to their voice, they sing in an almost conversational fashion. The listener can immediately get the sense of their pure undying love for each other through the way they perform as a single entity.

Though Toby & Pip have been married for 11 years, it was a single moment that sparked the inspiration for the track's creation. While at a friend's wedding one New Year’s Eve the couple realised they were sharing their first midnight moment with each other and both realised they wanted to share the feelings in that moment with each other forever more. This accumulation of raw emotion was the driving force behind the writing of New Year.

Toby & Pip have been making music with each other ever since they met over 10 years ago, their unique sound is born out of a variety of musical training that each of them received in their solo days. Pip is a multi-instrumentalist with a degree in music and Toby has his roots in more classical training.

Crafting catchy melodies and beautiful romantic stories, the pair have captivated audiences both online and in person, a special bond makes their sound all the more special and unique and their tracks will be inspiring romances for a life time.

Listen to New Year here:



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