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Following Athens Jazz Appearance, Lia Hide Returns With Hypnotic New Single & Video 'Niobe'

Greek Avant-Pop artist Lia Hide returns with her new single ‘Niobe’, a hypnotic, theatrical and utterly spelling binding demonstration of Lia's potential as an artist. The follow up to the previous singles 'Dinner' and 'Uterus Will', 'Niobe' is the latest single to be taken from the Conch Town Records released new album 'The Missing Fourth Guest'.

Blending syncopated and interweaving piano lines with and flowing bass, Lia creates a beautiful yet unnerving feel on 'Niobe'. Once again demonstrating her effortlessly performance and poetic lyricism, Lia puts her full artistic prowess on show. With a heavy Jazz influence evident, the soundscape is a strikingly unique blend of genres; from Pop to Electronic-Experimental to Jazz and even a hint of Latin.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Niobe’ Lia explains: “According to Homer's Iliad, princes Niobe had six daughters and six sons, and boasted of her progenitive superiority to the Titan Leto, who had only two children, Apollo and Artemis. As punishment for the crime of pride, Artemis killed all her daughters and Apollo all her sons, her children laying unburied for 9 days. The marvellous grotesque of Greek Mythology meets Lia Hide's Niobe who is driven mad by the repetitive pregnancies, and the beauty standards and expectancies of her small-town society. The songs seems to spawn out of the 90s Murder Ballads (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds), in an arrangement where cinematic composers Danny Elfman and Manos Hadjidak's are combined with neo-folk brass sections and baroque pop elements.”

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