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Food for the Soul: Larry Mindel's 'Love In Troubled Times'

UK singer-songwriter Larry Mindel's debut album 'Love In Troubled Times' is real food for the soul, with its evocative portrayal of life in all its shades. Be moved, be swayed, be brought to tears, this a bit of a hidden gem...

Let Mindel awaken your senses with the opening track 'Lowland Love', a glorious sonic journey with strings, piano and woodwind. It's poignant meanderings ebb and flow like a river. 'Take a Rest at My Door, is a song of hope and love. There's a real jazzy feel to this one, with its rich use of organ and piano too. Mindel's voice is soothing and powerful at the same time. There's a delightful sax solo from Ben Treacher in this track.

'Lemon' is a reposeful tune with a theme of water carrying on and more gorgeous saxophone. The double bass is particularly charming too. 'Deep Water' is a lovely piano-based song with Mindel's signature poetic lyrics. Strings enter the mix and add a warm texture and sense of suspense. We love how Mindel's music is such easy-listening yet full of depth and mystery. If you choose to turn your attention a little deeper there is so much to get lost in and reflect upon. The music is not demanding, but gently welcoming.

A personal favourite track of ours is 'I Love Paris in July' which is a dreamy ode to the original city of love. 'Brave' is a fun song with an energetic rhythm section, adding a nice point of contrast to other more mellow tracks. There's a sense of urgency and excitement to this one. The album's closing track is a return to the more soothing vibe Mindel seems so fluent in. All in all, a taste of a folk-jazz fusion sound from Larry Mindel that is sure to stop you in your tracks.

Check out Larry Mindel's website:

'Love In Troubled Times' is available on all major platforms as well as on Bandcamp:



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