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Forlorn Draw Closure To Recent Circle With ‘Sæl’ Cassette Tape

+ Unveil Live Session For ‘Erased’ Recorded at The Bookhouse

UK Pagan Metal outfit ‘Forlorn’ have shared a limited edition exclusive cassette tape release titled ‘Sæl’ which is now available via Silent Cult. Forlorn, who blend folk horror and paganism to carve out their own brand of 'Midsommar Metal' have drawn closure to their recent seasonal cycle of singles with the offering of ‘Sæl’.

Guitarist, Edd Kerton shared the following statement - "This circle draws to a close as another prepares to open, we invite you to look back so you can prepare for what is yet to come."

The 5 track tape includes recent singles ‘Hold Me’ and ‘The Weight Of It All’ as well as an exclusive live recording of their 2020 single ‘Erased’. The live performance of Forlorn's single 'Erased' was filmed and recorded at The Bookhouse in London. Vocalist Megan Elliott continues to share - "We invite you to bear witness to a live conjuring of our song 'Erased', this song opened the initial circle and so shall it close the present one.”

Watch the 'Erased' live session right here:

Stream ‘Sæl’ below:



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