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frances willow releases the emotional ‘anna banana’

Producer and singer frances willow is debuting with a gorgeous and ethereal new track ‘anna banana’. Using a unique mixture of electronic and acoustic instrumentation, frances blends the old with the new, creating something that feels both nostalgic and futuristic. Flowing through sensibilities from acoustic indie, folk and rock as she goes, frances willow captivates audiences with her gentle assuredness.

The track almost feels utopian, as if the greenery is capturing the technological, beautifying it, as warm synth melodies and hums envelop the vocals. Steadily the rock influences seep through, with chugging chords expanding into a slightly gritty climax in which distortion and energised drums take hold.

frances willow explains the release, “’anna banana’ is an Alternative Indie Rock track that I started writing when I was 13, I had an argument with a friend as one does when they are a teenager, and wrote the chorus of this song. In my second year of university, I decided to revisit it as a task to myself and ended up really liking the outcome, this song was also the beginning of my new alias and helped create and shape the sound I wanted to have for 'Frances Willow’”

After debuting with an immensely strong single, we can wait in hope of the next release from frances wilow.



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