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Francis La Lune releases irresistible debut "Home"

Francis La Lune has quickly got the reputation as a rising star within the music industry. He first bought his music over to England in late 2020, and graduated from Abbey Road’s school of music production in 2022. During his studies he refined his live music skills, playing hundreds of jam nights, refining his sound.

First impressions count, and Francis's newest single "Home" certainly takes this into account. The track features a strong guitar and vocal combo. An acoustic guitar provides rhythmic support whilst creating vibrant melodies. On top, Francis's vocals are infectious and work had in glove with emotionally-penned lyrics.

Speaking about the track, Francis says: “I've been feeling very nostalgic lately. I recorded this song with some of my closest friends sometime around Christmas last year. This recording makes me feel a little closer to where I'm from. What I'm after, I think, it's a childhood memory, the smell of trees, obliviousness. Shed the layers from an overheated way of living.

With such heartfelt music and a growing audience, we can’t wait to see where he’ll take this.



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