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"Free Zone" is the latest anthem from TikTok icon Hadar Adora

Turning the heads of listeners across the globe, 'Free Zone' is certainly the strongest single from Hadar Adora to date. A track that will instantly leave you dancing around your room, Hadar Adora's latest anthem is unapologetic and fuelled with sass. A phenomenon on TikTok, Hadar sits at over 573,000 followers on the popular social media platform and continues to become a strong influencer in the world of music, and also fashion.

Bathed in EDM roots, 'Free Zone' is prominently electro-pop with dance elements throughout. Produced by Julian Beatz, Brian White and COMPOSE, the new anthem is best described as unforgettable and a must-have if you're into music with an electronic face. Having dropped only last Friday, the single is already leaving fans wanting more. Armed with an independent, confident nature, 'Free Zone' is expressive and could easily be the next anthem to your favourite tv-show.

Stream 'Free Zone' below.



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