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  • Rose Shannonn

Fresher L.A releases new track ‘Death Of Me’

Pop singer Lauren Cuskelly (L.A) releases new pop anthem, ‘Death Of Me’’; it tackles several issues young people face learning to love themselves and be free. Death Of Me opens on an echoed addictive pop beat. Fresher L.A’s textured, glitzy vocals contribute to her signature pop sound.

When speaking about ‘Death Of Me’, Fresher L.A states, “After years of embracing my youth, I confess to the ways I have fucked up; whether this was self-inflicted or by means of others. The phrase ‘death of me’ expresses that I am grieving all the mistakes I made and hoped to grow up and move on from this stage of my life. The explosive ending reiterates the ‘death’ where I hoped to convey a ‘blown-up-in-smoke’ ending.”

Lauren Cuskelly has spent years perfecting her sound, from crafting audio sounds on social media to creating her art. Be sure to check out Fresher L.A’s new single ‘Death Of Me.



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