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gürl Release New Single ‘Gucci, Honey, Dirty Money’

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

and it comes with a killer music video!

gürl are antipop: Froot Loops and butcher knives, bubblegum and razor blades, and fashion posing as music, wrapped in diva choruses with heavy guitars, rock drums and trap production. 'Gucci, Honey, Dirty Money' is their most outrageous release to date.

Vocalist Joshua Dalton mentions:

‘Gucci, Honey, Dirty Money’ is our most outrageous track yet. It is a phat anthem about constantly being told you're not ready, that you have to wait for your dreams just a little longer again and again and again until you finally take matters into your own hands. Just like our band, the track is dangerous, it's glam, it's heavy, it’s camp, it's sarcastic, it's narcissistic, it's ironic, and most importantly, it goes hard.

Produced by Phil Gornell (BMTH, All Time Low) and co-written by James Veck-Gilodi (Deaf Havana), 'Gucci, Honey, Dirty Money' is the next step in gürl's conquest of the bleeding edge of alternative music.

Tune in right here:


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