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Gaël Farny releases groovy new single “Never Be Like You”

Based in Strasbourg (France), Gaël Farny is no stranger to the music industry. He first started his journey in ska/reggae band "Xaymaca," performing locally in and around Strasbourg. He then went onto form "Loka System," who ended up playing the most important venues and stages in the Grand Est region. In 2015, Gaël decided hit the road and travel, to further open himself up to musical influences. Gaël Farny managed to tour around U.S.A, Colombia, Ukraine, Russia, the Philippines, Ghana, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Thailand.

His latest single “Never Be Like You” has been released in anticipation of his new E.P “Mansfeelings." Grooving drums, riff-roaring guitars and powerful synth lines basslines all merge together. On top, his vocals are personality drenched and work hand in glove with powerful lyricism. The track fully showcases his influences and tinges of reggae, pop and rock all being found within the track.

Speaking about the track, Gaël says: “I wrote this song in order to talk about how important it is to know where we belong, where our place is, where we should be right now. It's a key question. If you don't know the answer, all other efforts are a waste of time.”

2023 looks to be an exciting year for Gaël Farny as he continues the journey with the release of his EP “Mansfeelings.” The EP is going to be heartfelt and pure and will fully engage his audience. We can’t wait to see what's in store for 2023.


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