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Gabby Neeley releases her beautiful new single 'Expectations'

The new track is the third single from her debut EPCoping‘, which is also out now.

“Expectations, was written in the mess of being quarantined after going through an intense breakup.” Gabby explains. “Expectations taps into a point of view I don’t think many artists ever voice; The fact that being in a partnership where I felt loved, respected, wanted, loyal, makes any hookup culture or temporary casual thing feel completely disappointing and pointless.”

Gabby has beautifully explored her past and shinned it in a light that makes it feel bittersweet and somewhat fulfilling at the same time. With oozing melody, groovy beats and Gabby’s exceptionally alluring vocal taking centre stage, it’s clear that ‘Expectations’ is the result of Gabby putting her retrospective passed into something that she will always appreciate.

There is such a charm to the music Gabby Neeley creates, and this is only the start of what’s to come in 2021 and beyond for her.



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