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Garth Adam unveils gracious three-track EP ‘Say You’ll Come With Me’

Garth Adam’s most recent release is the vibrant three-track EP ‘Say You’ll Come With Me’. Throughout the gentle ten-minute runtime, Garth delivers a wistful graciousness in his arrangements, with his vocal tone balancing a light melancholy with pure optimism. Whether covering topics that are emotionally driven or a little whimsical, he consistently delivers a bright attitude, seeing the sunny side of the themes through a blend of pop, folk and alt-rock.

Garth tells the story of the EP, “It was a happy session in Perth recording the EP and that’s reflected in the way it turned out. Melvin Tree, my longtime friend Dave Kelly and I play all the instruments. We work through the songs in a circle in the studio and once they are right, we record them on an old Studer analog desk. I was lucky to have Lisa and Keely O’Brien to add the wonderful backing vocals. This EP comes from a particularly fruitful creative period for me, during which I’ve spent more time writing and recording than ever before.”

Starting his solo venture in the early 2000s, Garth Adam has been in pursuit of fulfilling his creativity ever since. Thematically, Garth often speaks to travelling and journeys in his music, both physical and personal, which has helped him to connect with his audience over his two decades of songwriting.


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