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Gary Dranow continues to impress on powerful new single 'Mother's Angry'

He's only gone and done it again! After what has been an exceptionally busy period during his tenure, Gary Dranow is showing us that his creative spirit is far from running low on ideas as he returns with his powerful new single 'Mother's Angry'.

Bringing back another heady dose of rip-roaring guitar hooks and a thunderous production throughout his newest effort, he feels far more refined and determined on this new release. Bustling with a raw and driven direction that perfectly heightens his vibrant vocal style, 'Mother's Angry' is bringing back that classic rock feel in a big way from beginning to end.

Things are certainly beginning to kick off for Gary Dranow, but it is good to see he is still has the tunes to back up his ambitious nature. With such a tenacity for killer riffs once again, we are more than a little eager to see what else he has up his sleeve for the weeks ahead as well.

Enjoy 'Mother's Angry' below.


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