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Gary Dranow continues to shine on the euphoric new single 'Hadrian's Wall'

Despite only being a few days into 2024, US artist Gary Dranow has already released the singles 'Jimi's Song' and 'Bedroom Mentor', two tracks that have continued to elevate his diverse and inventive ideas. Now looking to waste no time, he returns once again with the euphoric new single 'Hadrian's Wall', a release brimming with vibrant energy throughout.

While a prolific and adventurous attitude has always been a part of his journey so far, his newest outing sees him spread his creative wings further still. Adopting a more heartfelt approach to his conventional alt-rock direction, 'Hadrian's Wall' sits as a beautifully broad and enchanting listen, matched by his own progressive lyricism at every turn.

It will probably a long time before Gary Dranow ever starts to slow down, but for now, we can certainly enjoy the ride. Always finding and exploring interesting textures to add to his musical quiver, 'Hadrian's Wall' is another shining example of his captivating sound to date.

Enjoy 'Hadrian's Wall' below.

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