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Gary Dranow returns with the euphoric new single 'Shimmering'

Ever since he first broke through onto the scene earlier this year, fast-rising frontman Gary Dranow has established himself as a wondrous songwriter, brimming with passionate textures at every turn. And with his reputation growing ever stronger, he keeps those vibrant vibes high once again on the euphoric new single 'Shimmering'.

While his output so far has been a rather eclectic affair, his newest outing feels like a far more tender pursuit than his usual approach. With a bright and soaring atmosphere that plays perfectly against his heartfelt vocals throughout, 'Shimmering' is a track worthy of its triumphant title.

With such an expressive tone and powerful hooks within, 'Shimmering' could end up going down as one of his most impactful offerings in an already prolific run of form. Shining and captivating in equal measure, Gary Dranow delivers another fine example of why so many have been flocking to him lately.

Enjoy 'Shimmering' below.



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