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Gaucho x Hennessy team up to launch exclusive music series Grassroots Music Lates

Gaucho, the UK’s beloved steak restaurant, is turning up the volume on local music with a thrilling new initiative: Gaucho Grassroots Music Lates. Partnering with the renowned cognac brand Hennessy, Gaucho is set to deliver a series of unforgettable evenings brimming with live music, tantalising cocktails, and exceptional culinary delights across the UK.

This exciting series kicks off in Liverpool on May 24th, bringing together the best of local and national talent. Following the opening night, the tour moves to Manchester on May 31st, Glasgow on June 7th, and wraps up in London on June 14th. Each event will feature standout performances by artists like [K S R], Cam Bloomfield, and Victoria Jayne, promising a rich tapestry of sound and a showcase of breakthrough talent.

Catch Jazmine Johnson in Liverpool:

With tickets priced at just £20, these events offer an invaluable opportunity for music enthusiasts to discover some of the brightest new talents in the industry. This initiative comes at a crucial time, as the past year has seen over 120 music venues shuttering across the UK, posing significant challenges for artists. Grab your tickets HERE.

Gaucho CEO Martin Williams highlights the importance of this initiative: “As live music venues are sadly closing at a rate of knots up and down the UK, Gaucho is proud to provide a space for these talented artists to perform and get their music heard.”

The partnership with Hennessy adds an extra layer of sophistication to these events. Williams adds, "We are thrilled to partner with Hennessy to bring Gaucho Grassroots Music Lates to life. This collaboration represents a fusion of two iconic brands, and together, we aim to create a platform for emerging music talent to shine while providing our guests with an unparalleled sensory experience."

Each event will run from 10pm to 12am, with limited tickets available, ensuring an intimate and exclusive experience. Guests can expect a seamless blend of live music, expertly crafted Hennessy cocktails, and Gaucho's renowned steak dishes, making for an extraordinary night out.

Week 1: May 24th - Liverpool

Jazz Johnson

Faye Donna Francis

Week 2: May 31st - Manchester

[K S R]

Victoria Jayne

Week 3: June 7th - Glasgow



Week 4: June 14th - London

Cam Bloomfield



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