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Genevieve Miles returns with her infectious dream pop sound in 'Tough Love'

Genevieve Miles, the self-made artist hailing from Birmingham and Bristol, takes her bittersweet pop anthems to new heights with her latest single, 'Tough Love.' Fresh from her debut UK tour, this indie pop sensation delivers another heart-wrenching track that showcases her unique musical approach.

'Tough Love' is a song that draws from the diverse influences that shape Miles' musical palette, resulting in a moment of bliss amidst the pain of heartbreak. It's a beautiful fusion of the innocence of first love and the wisdom gained through life's myriad experiences, with a captivating blend of pop, dance, and reggae flavours, alongside Genevieve's blissful vocals carrying some of her most heartfelt lyrics to date.

In terms of sonic influences, Genevieve Miles draws from a diverse range of sources that contributed to the songwriting process. She was inspired by the string arrangements on Lorde's "Melodrama" album, the acoustic guitar sounds from George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass," and the synth and drum machine textures reminiscent of artists like Hot Chip, Soft Hair, and Cat Power.

With 'Tough Love,' Genevieve Miles invites listeners into a world of emotional depth and musical diversity. It's a song that resonates with those who have experienced heartbreak, offering solace and recognition in the face of pain. Genevieve's ability to infuse her music with authenticity and a unique blend of genres positions her as a rising star in the indie pop scene, and 'Tough Love' is a compelling example of her artistic prowess.

Her signature soothing energy permeates the track, enveloping listeners in its emotive embrace. As she continues to build momentum with a string of festivals and gigs in 2023, 'Tough Love' serves as a testament to her ongoing success and anticipation for her forthcoming EP release.

Stream 'Tough Love' now:


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