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Get to know electro-pop sensation RAÍZ

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Photo Credit: Dorentina Emini

Swiss born, Portuguese & Angolan singer/songwriter RAÍZ has fused with London’s multicultural music scene to venture into his newfound territory of edgy bangers and millennial pop. The name RAÍZ stems from the Portuguese word ‘root’ and is a direct link to the deep cultural and musical references which inspire each song in the new EP ‘Saudade’. Saudade meaning: a longing for something that has been. Carrying a similar striking falsetto as The Weeknd, inspired by Majid Jordan’s seductive melodies and incorporating Gashi’s 80’s electro-pop productions; RAÍZ has carefully handpicked his influences to release his new contagious and vibrant first single ‘Nightmare’.

What’s your songwriting process?

My songwriting process is first and foremost finding a hook, i sit and sing melodies freely and voice note them. I end up listening back to them before sleeping and if i remember it the next morning, then i trust that its a good melody for me to keep working with. My lyrics come secondary to me, and I try to write something personal or what i can relate to.

What music did you listen to growing up?

I grew up with gospel music and the music from my church, so a lot of my early years were spent singing big, loud and energetic tunes. My mum was a big fan Celine Dion, Whitney, MJ, all the was a very musical household. When i discovered RnB, that’s when i feel i truly discovered my voice. Boys 2 Men and Brian McKnight were and still are big influences, as well as Take 6, Justin Timberlake who I had the privilege to sing with, PJ Morton, and most recently Majid Jordan.

What is your dream collaboration?

My dream collaboration would definitely have been to share a stage with Prince and MJ as the ultimate kings of pop in my opinion, but a studio session with Jasmin Sullivan - who i’ve become obsessed with because of her killer vocals on her new track ’Lost One’.

Do you play any instruments or produce?

I don’t consider myself to be a pianist, but being able to know and create music from what i’ve studied comes in handy. I did develop a passion for the ukulele during lockdown, and would start my mornings with a few simple tunes that brought me a bit of joy over the isolation period. Since i started writing my songs, i have felt the need to learn how to produce in order to be more self sufficient and work more effectively towards my own sound.

What’s the best gig you’ve been to?

Gigs & concerts sound so far away right now, but if i could go back in time i would put myself right in the middle of Stevie Wonder’s gig at the most incredible Stravinski Auditorium in Montreux. I had the amazing privilege to see the legend playing for over two hours with no breaks in between. That was a once in a lifetime gig.

What are your plans for the rest of 2020 onwards?

I am currently finishing my next song ‘Over You’ which will be released mid November, and is part of my EP ’Saudade’ which will have a total of 5 tracks. The idea is that each song leads on to the next smoothly, so the listener is following a story. The aim right now is to keep being consistent and not lose sight of the journey of those stories. I am continuously developing my branding and social media presence to be able to invite people to follow my journey with me.

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