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Gillian Heidi returns with the breezy new single 'waves'

Having already enticed us with a number of new releases over the last few months, Boston-based singer and songwriter Gillian Heidi is back to give us another taste of her incredible sound on the new single 'waves'.

Channelling that same bright and humbled aesthetic she is known for, 'waves' sees her return with a warm and effervescent direction. With her soaring voice layered over lightly played guitar and humble production, she draws us in with her vibrant sound from start to finish.

Speaking about the release, she said, “I wrote waves at the end of eighth grade, when I started to realize that everything was changing. I had recently switched schools, and I was about to start high school. I had this overwhelming feeling of realizing that I wasn’t a kid anymore. Instead, my life was now plagued with worry about tests and relationships and things that, in the long run, don’t really matter. Waves was a moment of realization for me- I was growing up. My life was no longer focused on fun and fairytales, and I was nostalgic for a simpler, easier time. Waves captures a feeling of nostalgia and pain, wishing you would’ve cherished simplistic times when they existed and wondering how you ended up where you are.”

Listen to 'waves' below.

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