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GIYA releases quintessentially British sounding single 'foggy hearts'

GIYA's music nods to a quintessential British sound. Why? Because she's been inspired by her environment. Growing up and breathing the creative air of London and Brighton, her music has the passion and feel of urban London, a melting pot of different people, ideas and cultures. GIYA's music is infectious, playful and tinged with grit.

Her signature sound can be found in her latest track 'foggy hearts.' The track presents an emotional message and acts as an ode to lives not lived, and peers who had lost their way. Her silky smooth vocals work hand in glove with a vulnerable, stripped-back, acoustic guitar. This partnership gives the spotlight to her incredible lyrics that are well-penned and emotional.

Speaking about the release she says: “I wrote it after one of those moments where you look up, and everyone around you is either drinking themselves to death, or finding some other way to distract themselves. It felt like everyone was a little bit lost. It seems to be a common theme among young people today, and hope for the future sometimes seems like a pointless exercise but for me foggy hearts at its core, though, it’s a hopeful song.”

"The recording process for this song with Scoop Monty, an amazing producer down in Brighton, was such a rewarding one and one of the first times that I have had in the studio where the song almost adopts more of the message through the process. We took a lot of care over it, gave it some real time and love and I hope people can feel that”

GIYA is excited to be announcing her new EP ‘Odd Fish,’ and with ‘foggy hearts’ being the lead single, we think this places the benchmark for the rest of the EP. She says: “It just felt like the right song to introduce the new EP. A gut feeling. It’s a sad song, but it also reminds me of some good times I’ve had with friends over the last few years. There are nostalgic memories attached to it. It’s the first song I wrote after moving to Brighton, so it feels like a fresh start.


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