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Gleneagle releases a compelling new single ‘That Dream (Is Over)’

Gleneagle are a 3 piece band from Vancouver, BC. Their music is sure to get you out of your seat and dancing.

After finding their new sound throughout the pandemic, they’re become a more defined and mature version of themselves. A melting pot of Oasis, early Springsteen and a slight nod to their country roots, they’ve managed to create a sound that’s unique but infectious.

Their latest offering ‘That Dream (Is Over)’ is a fantastic representation of their irresistible sound. The track has a strong rhythmic backbone that acts as a great foundation for their colourful palate of jangly guitars and warm vocals. Vocal melodies are divine, and backing vocals stack on top of each other as lyrics discuss not achieving goals.

Speaking further about this, they share: “Sometimes things just don’t work out. That Dream Is Over is about accepting that, and not only being ok with it, but being ok with letting the world around you know you’ve moved on. The song was written in about an hour long break between studio sessions, inspired by an emotional few weeks of what felt like the last time Gleneagle would ever play together. For me personally, the song is a way of letting go of the pressure of success, and instead being grateful for being able to do what you love, with those you love around you.”

This showcases that across their blend of genres and influences is a focus on thoughtful songwriting; Gleneagle's lyrics and tone strive to inspire a sense of both endearing nostalgia and youthful hope for the future. We believe, with such a positive feel in their songs, that they can get to the very top.