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Go Hawaii reveal their shoegazing debut album ‘Trespass’

Go Hawaii, a project founded in 2016 on the outskirts of Venice, began writing music to satisfy their personal urge for creativity. Using bedroom and dream pop as means to convey feelings into music, the band aspires to reach out to far-flung corners of the globe with their sound. The duo experimented with both Post-punk influences and dream bedroom pop on their continued voyage of self-discovery, which inevitably led to their first EP, 'Soft Bathrobe,' which prompted the band to write a full-length studio album shortly after. Their debut album, 'Trespass,' sees them bounce between Dream-Pop and contemplative Indie, with driving beats in full force, mixed with distant, reflective vocals, resulting in a summery LP with stripped-back, unheard numbers as well as their trademark sound.

Talking about the album, Go Hawaii share: “Trespass is a collection of songs we wrote in the past two years, so they are very different from each other. We explored different genres, but the intention was always to give voice to our spirit and emotions.”

With their distinctive Lo-Fi, Post-Punk infused sound, and retro synth and guitar lines, Go Hawaii are building a name for themselves. With support from Ones To Watch and Music-News for their latest single 'Kelowna,' their debut LP 'Tresspass,' with the track 'Dophin's Touch,' completes the record with slow builds of instrumentation, memorable choruses, and their characteristic, dissonant, bell-like sounds, making it a Go Hawaii staple.


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