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Reviews: God-of-Chamby - 'Things I Like'

Slick Afro-Trap artist God-of-Chamby has done it once again with his vibrant new track “Things I Like’.

The Nigerian born and American-based artist recently impressed us with his track “Bigger Than Bombay” and is clearly keeping up the moment with his latest track.

Grounded in trap-driven beats Chamby gives us the signature spicey taste of his African heritage with modern trap beats and sleek production that will get you moving

Lyrically, Chamby’s dynamic and fast rhythm and flow explore a multitude of topics that fall under the category of things he likes, as the title suggests. Chamby explains “Bow to the middle of my greatness. I went more raunchy on this single as I'm really coming into the boss that I am so it's time everyone recognize it”.

Check out 'Things I Like' here:


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