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Good Rzn release new single 'Rebound'

Off the back of their alt-pop anthem 'Sleep Talking', LA-based duo Good Rzn is back with another bedroom bop that masterfully tows the line between slacker indie and euphoric pop. Boasting a smooth, jangly guitar riff and carefully crafted electronica, Good Rzn adds a dose of atmosphere with a slick drum machine beat to complement vocalist Josie’s laid back delivery and sugar-sweet melodies.

Discussing the new track, Good Rzn share: “Rebound was written about bouncing back from hard times and embracing the struggles of life with positivity. The song was inspired by flowers blooming through cracks in sidewalks where they shouldn't be able to grow. Recognizing the beauty within the ordinary is a core theme in the lyrics of ‘Rebound’.”

Good Rzn is an alternative pop duo based in Los Angeles consisting of vocalist Josie Molasky and producer Tommy Ghirardini. The two released their first single ‘Sleep Talking’ on September 3, which features a nuanced approach to pop through the scope of rock and electronic music - featuring bold guitar riffs and heavy synth basses coupled with contemplative, genre-blending vocals throughout. With a second release on November 15 titled "Rebound", Good Rzn accesses a more upbeat pop style and reflective tone while maintaining anthemic guitar riffs and catchy vocals.

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