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Grace Annabella Anderson captivates on her sweeping new EP 'Bandages'

Ever since she first arrived with her stunning breakthrough debut single 'Here I Go' in 2020, New York's Grace Annabella Anderson has always looked to project a more emotive direction than most. And with a rousing response to her debut EP 'Nyneteen' the following year, she is back once again with her captivating new EP 'Bandages'.

Much like what she has been working towards these last few years, this new four-track release sees her in one of her most heartfelt guises to date. Brimming with this warm and effervescent energy that perfectly highlights her tender vocal style throughout, 'Bandages' not only feels like a bold step forward for her, but also reignites those initial ideals she first emerged with.

With each track looking to embark on its own distinctive aesthetic, 'Bandages' marks her most varied and adventurous offering so far. While she may still only have a handful of tracks to her name, it feels like Grace Annabella Anderson is quickly establishing herself as one of the more exciting names on the rise right now.

Enjoy 'Bandages' below.

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