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  • Alice Smith

Guard's Latest Release "color by numbers" Sets the Stage for His Upcoming Album IT WAS ALL A MEME...

Guard is back with a powerful and introspective track, "color by numbers," along with a self-directed music video that paints a vivid picture of his personal journey. This release serves as the final single from his upcoming album, "IT WAS ALL A MEME…", set to drop on October 27th.

"Color by numbers" is a song that encapsulates the complexities of the dating world. Set against a backdrop of Post Malone-inspired dark trap production, Guard conveys his desire for love without the baggage of life's lessons. This track was produced by Melbourne-based sb90, and its lyrics were co-crafted by Guard in collaboration with fellow queer artist Indiana Williams. Together, they narrate Guard's journey towards mental stability and his readiness to seek companionship.

Guard's lyrics resonate with those who've tread the path of self-discovery and personal growth. In "color by numbers", he acknowledges the scars we carry, both metaphorically and physically, and the strength they imbue. The song sends a powerful message that it's alright to pursue relationships that don't jeopardize one's mental well-being, reinforcing the idea that not every experience should be "just another lesson".



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