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Gus Walker delivers his captivating debut album 'Pink Skies'

Ever since he first emerged with his stunning debut single 'Come Find Me' last year, Amsterdam's Gus Walker has been on an incredible run. Turning out a wealth of rich and riveting delights every few months, he now looks to bring all of that vibrant innovation under one roof with the release of his captivating debut album 'Pink Skies'.

Blending a heady mix of reggae, ska, and hip-hop influences to create this brilliantly smooth and alluring aesthetic, 'Pink Skies' is one of those rare records that really pulls you in and never lets you go. With this wonderfully succinct direction that still finds time to throw surprises your way, he has created a beautifully infectious full-length, brimming with emotion and toe-tapping gems throughout.

While his output these last few months have certainly brought a tighter spotlight to his work lately, 'Pink Skies' shows that he has far more enticing ideas within his material so far. With such a confidence to his presence within each track as well, Gus Walker stands as one of the more exciting names working his way up the ranks today.

Enjoy 'Pink Skies' below.



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