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  • Nova Holmes

Hackney-hailing wordsmith Spacey Blak delivers his first offering of 2023 ‘Pounded Yam’

Photo credit: Mathieu Ajan

Hailing from London town, Hackey-hailing artist Spacey Blak is well versed in the art of sonically storming production. Armed with a distinct all-round versatility, if he were to put ‘Alchemist’ at the top of his resumé, nobody could question it. With credits under his belt including Jaz Karis, Taliwhoah, Nipah and Airborn Gav over a decade of honing his production skills; Spacey Blak now returns with his third studio single 'Pounded Yam'.

Having created a sound that resembles a transformative potion of wondrously alternative afro-pop sounds and echoes of hip hop toplines, the master of alchemy has stirred up some magic yet again. By fusing the perfect melodic and upbeat rapping flares with afrobeats tones and seamlessly integrating them, Spacey Blak’s latest offering lends itself to an aestival experience not to be missed.

Crooning over a journeyed beat, Spacey Blak strikes the perfect balance of mellow cadence and recite-worthy hooks resulting in a cleverly complex track in wonderfully simple clothing. As stacked synths elevate Spacey's signature vocal, unique additions of tambourine, congas and claps support the track, while the rising artist continues to interlink classic, evergreen rap styles with pleasing, unexpected flips.

Since the day Spacey Blak realised his zest for production, he has consistently worked to develop his craft and collate ever-growing knowledge. As the emerging wordsmith embarks on a new journey as a recording artist following releases like 'Loverman' and 'Sober', he dubs himself an 'instinctive style bender'. Translating and understanding his culture and environment in all he releases, he crafts a refreshingly different sound that is also consistent with the stylistic trends of today’s hip hop and afro-pop soundscapes.

His latest delivery explores a duality of playful tones and the creation of music that feels, as his crisp delivery and unique production style supports his contemplative offering. Coupled with his versatile rapper-come-songbird vocal style and winking wit, this is an artist born out of pure organic growth. As his dynamic background and points of reference ground him, he embarks on a coming of age journey. The result being a truly exceptional creation.

"Let me pound some yam tonight" was the first line that came to me while listening to a loop I'd created. I instantly knew what the song was going to be about and the rest of the lyrics quickly ensued. I recorded a demo and produced the song till it felt right. I want to create a feel-good love song drenched in two things very dear to me, food & culture.” - Spacey Blak

'Pounded Yam' is available to stream now. Listen below:

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