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Halfofyou teams up with Gabrielknowseverything for new track ‘Yallah’

A fusion of dynamic and flavourful sounds best describes ‘Yallah’, the new collaboration from Halfofyou and Gabrielknowseverything, taken off Halfofyou’s masterpiece EP ‘La Introducción’.

The song’s fiery integrity carries rhythmic, pulsating beats and a mix of both artists’ unique artistic flair, producing a sound reminiscent of Ozuna, Anuel AA and Myke Towers. The single’s energy never wavers, forging a cultural blend of dance-worthy soundscapes. Discussing the track, Halfofyou said: “This is from Cuba all the way to Palestine, an arab-cuban fusion from the United States, and what I got here is a beat you’ve never seen, with a dance style born in Puerto Rico”.

Cuban hailing artist Halfofyou birthed his vibrant sound from the lively Cuban music he was surrounded by growing up. Penning songs from the age of 11, Halfofyou began to learn the basics of flow and rhythm for rap music. His distinct sound unites a mix of genres including latin, reggaetón and hip-hop, and his latest collaboration with Gabrielknowseverything shows a new side to his genre-blending tendencies. Always one step ahead, this talent is producing a bold and compelling sound, and his brand new offering is one to keep on repeat.



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