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  • Alice Smith

Hardcore Punk Band ‘Down With Rent’ Releases Latest Single ‘Pay To Exist’

Connecticut hardcore punk band ‘Down With Rent’ releases their latest single ‘Pay To Exist’’ taken from their upcoming EP ‘Shithead Americana’, which outlines the political and sociological issues facing the US through a barrage of distorted guitars and dissenting commentary.

‘Pay To Exist’ is no different, a fast-paced no-nonsense punk track that takes aim at the uncaring system in America that’s seemingly designed to keep you poor, where one unexpected medical expense, student loan payments, or car repair can result in you becoming destitute. With the state offering little help in these situations, it quickly becomes a fight to survive, a far cry from the ‘American dream’ that was promised.

Down With Rent explains the meaning behind the track further: “It is difficult to remain enthusiastic about a nation which claims to let anyone achieve anything as long as they work hard enough while simultaneously assuring that those who actually do work their whole lives remain in a constant precarious state where their livelihood could be uprooted by one unexpected expense.”

Down With Rent is a four-piece hardcore punk band from central Connecticut. Their abrasive, crusty brand of punk rock has rung throughout bars, basements, abandoned buildings, tattoo shops, and skate parks up and down the east coast since 2013. Unapologetically political and strictly DIY in their approach they emulate the American hardcore bands of old but with a distinctly modern, metallic edge. Their fierce dedication to blistering live performances and an inclusive, socially conscious message has earned them a dedicated group of fans throughout the US. Down With Rent has previously shared the stage with the likes of ‘G.B.H’, ‘La Armada’ and ‘Sick Of It All’, with plenty more live shows pencilled in throughout the year and their upcoming EP ‘Shithead Americana’ you can bet this won’t be the last you hear of the band this year, they’ll make sure of that.

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